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Every bed his mattress - this also applies to the box spring bed. The luxurious looking box spring beds, also known as continental beds, are becoming increasingly popular and are increasingly finding their place in private bedrooms, hotels and chalets. The beds suggest absolute comfort not least because of their pompous appearance. Classically, it is a sleep system with a sprung under frame on feet. The "bed box" is edged with wood, which is additionally covered with upholstered fabric. On this box spring base there is either a high mattress or a mattress with additional topper (mattress topper). As topper we recommend a soft-bearing, very comfortable Mattress foam such as cold foam or viscos foam. Mostly it covers the entire lying surface, whereby the so-called "visitor's crack" or colloquially the "gap in the middle" is avoided.


The right mattress for the box spring bed


Basically, box spring beds are quite high with their high or stacked mattresses. Therefore, getting in and out of the bed is very easy, which is not only pleasant for older people. If you find the right mattress solution and therefore the right height for yourself, you should be lucky.


At this point we would like to give you a few tips on mattress purchase:


As a mattress basically any kind can be chosen. Originally, spring mattresses were used. But this is not absolutely necessary; because foam mattresses offer very comfortable point elasticity. A clear plus and advantage over traditional, spring-loaded models! With thebest-mattress on your sidethis is important.

It is important, not just to take a "high" mattress, but to pay attention primarily to a good storage of the spine. Not too soft, otherwise the spine sags and freedom of movement is restricted.


Here, too, can be dispensed with a zoning of the mattress, as resorted to a layer system of mattresses. This has the advantage that this bed system fits the right choice of mattresses for a wide variety of people (large / small).


Attention: There are already many different variants. In some "box spring" similar beds normal slatted frames are to be found. Anyone who decides on such a variant should know that there are some other conditions here.


Conclusion: Not only let the great look, but also to look inward. These systems are often very expensive, so pay attention to the choice of mattresses on the own body and take enough time in the test lying.


We can do that for you


Mattresses offer higher foam mattresses for box spring beds. Likewise, a classic version with a harder base and a softer topper made of cold foam or viscos material is possible. Let us advise you on these quality-oriented systems and available sets directly from the manufacturer.


Good and restful sleep is by no means a coincidence. The right bed and, above all, the right mattress are the most important cornerstones for a restful sleep avoid back pain and also prevent long-term damage to the spine and joints. In addition, sufficient and restorative sleep also means that you can recharge your energy storage and is therefore an important prerequisite for a functioning immune system and an energetic start to the next day.

If you consider a few basic rules when choosing, you will quickly find the right mattress for your restful and healthy sleep. The team has put together everything you need to know about choosing the right mattress, so that you do not lose track of what's going on, but you can buy exactly the right mattress for your needs.


  • Ergonomic lying and perfect support: that's what a mattress is all about.
  • Spring core, cold foam, gel foam: materials at a glance and the right degree of hardness

Trend furniture box spring bed: What is behind the system that promises the highest comfort?


Ergonomic and dimensionally stable - the right mattress for your individual reclining position


When you buy a new mattress, of course, this should be comfortable in the first place. The most important factor is that your spine is supported while lying down to clear ergonomic standards. The body is perfectly supported by a point elastic mattress; joints and spine are relieved, so that the muscles can relax at night. Everyone knows the feeling of waking up after a restless night with numerous tensions in the back and feeling as if he had the last hours of intense physical work pursued. Because lacking the right support, this is exactly the case. Instead of switching off and refueling, the body has to work at its limit while sleeping.


The concrete structure of the padding depends essentially on the material of the mattress. Basically, we distinguish spring mattresses and foam mattresses. Spring mattresses are extremely dimensionally stable and offer high-quality lying comfort over many years. By a targeted arrangement or bundling of the springs inside a point-elastic support of the body is possible.


Even foam mattresses respond precisely to each print and distribute the weight evenly over the surface. The comfort foam adapts individually to body heat. Incidentally, latex and gel foam mattresses are antibacterial and therefore the right choice for allergy sufferers. In addition, all high-quality mattresses should be breathable, absorb and release moisture at night, thus ensuring a pleasant sleeping environment.


As a basic rule for the correct degree of hardness of the mattress is: The higher the body weight, the harder the mattress should be so that it remains dimensionally stable and provides appropriate support! The associated slatted base should then be chosen so that an optimal mixture of suspension and stability arises. So to a hard mattress a more resilient slatted frame and a soft mattress for light people should be resorted to a slightly firmer substructure. Unfortunately, grades of mattress hardness are unfortunately not clearly standardized, so the actual hardness may differ significantly depending on the manufacturer. An indication of the actual hardness gives the density. The heavier the mattress is, the stronger and dimensionally stable it usually is.


Multi-layer padding for the highest comfort - box spring beds


As a new trend box spring beds have been more and more popular for some years now. These not only look comfortable, they also promise maximum sleeping comfort. The basis for this is a sophisticated structure consisting of three coordinated upholstery. The basis is a pocket spring mattress, the eponymous "box spring". This is followed by a mattress, usually a pocket spring mattress. The conclusion is the "Topper", a thin edition, usually made of cold foam.